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Fall Bedding - Our Place, Our Nest

There is a sudden nip in the air here in Nevada County, Fall has arrived! I think most of us are looking for that extra blanket for the bed now, I know I am.

Our bed and bedroom should be our sanctuary. If you subscribe to my monthly emails you read how important the master bed room is and how it’s often the last to be decorated. Since the weather has cooled this would be a perfect time to give your nest a little attention.

Focusing on the bed alone, here are some things you can do before bed tonight. Layering your bed with sheets, blankets, quilts, coverlets and duvets is all apart of that layering. Layering has been popular over the last couple of years not only on our beds but on our windows and even in our wardrobe. Layering on your bed is both Practical and Pretty, my favorite kind of Design! Start with a down feather bed. The good quality ones are washed well so allergies are not usually an issue. Great sheets are very nice to have too. Splurge, it’s worth it. How many hours of our life do we spend sleeping? (If we’re lucky, right?). Watch out for those off-brands sheets, they could be fine but they can also ‘fudge’ on those thread counts
statistics. Don’t always believe what you read. I love to mix and match my
sheets. I buy 2 pair of different color and or patterned sheets and then swap
the flat with the other sets’ fitted and vise versa between washings. Next, a
warm blanket is nice and practical, making sure there is ample room near the
pillows to fold over when making. A coverlet or even heavier blanket is next
followed by a down filled duvet folded at the end of the bed. Before adding the
pillows fold the sheets and blankets down “showing off” the patterns, colors and
layers you’ve created. Then pillow cases in the opposite sheeting pattern/color
as the fitted sheet is added with at least two shams and some toss pillows to
top it off. The pillow placement and size is an art in itself since the height
of the headboard plays a big part in the size and shape of those pillows.   Of
course I do hear the frequent “pillow debate” that goes on between partners on
“decorative vs. useable” pillows. Sorry guys there are some things you just
don’t use (bath towels are a subject for another day).


Another fun thing to do is have seasonal bedding. Two sets is also practical too, one for winter and one for summer. I also believe that it saves money in the long run because the burn-out of one pattern is less because you only see it for 6 months at a time. Therefore, you are excited to use it again and you don’t get tired or board of it so quickly.


I hope this has inspired you to make your bed room a little cozier as earlier as tonight. After all, it is “Our Place, Our Nest” in our home where we should allow ourselves to relax, rejuvenate and be at peace. And remember don’t struggle trying to do it yourself, call a trained Designer to help.


(Article from Stephanie can be read in the Real Estate Section of The Unions paper every 2nd and 4th Thursday.)


Nevada County Habitat for Humanity

Nevada County 2012 Womend Build


I was excited to be a part this years Womens Build.  Thanks to many of you we reached a total of $1320.00 with 24 donations.  Thanks for helping us help another deserving family move-in to their dream home.


Below are links to the Team Page and my page if you didn't get a chance to donate.

Habitat Women Build 2012

I was voted

BEST Interior Designer in Nevada County

by the great people that live here. 

I am honored to considered the best! 

I look forward to serving all my Clients

in just that fashion...The Best!


Do-It-Yourself Project:

Burlap Drapes on Rings.


This months Project is one that I believe we can all do.  I actually completed the project in a short amount of time WITH my 13 month olds you can do it too!


First, you need to decide WHERE you wish to hang these Drapes.  I chose the Dining Room because I have been looking for something there for awhile. 


Secondly, a COLOR.  I went for a Chocolate Brown simply because I love that color but also because this is a focal wall that needed some attendion, very important to show off those Focal Walls the right way. 


Next, was sizing.  I like Draperies to go as far up as possible.  Take advantage of the height of your rooms.  Don't sell yourself "short".  I went with 105" including puddling and one width for each side of the window.


The Creative part....I found a great stencil at a local craft store and I had some gold metallic paint at home.  I cut the material, layed it on the front lawn and starting spraying after I cut two separate panels.

I figured out my random pattern match at 24" lengthwise with 3 rows per panel then staggered the layout  for each run.  Since the Burlap is semi-sheer and very porous it dries fast.  Another great advantage for us non-sewers, there is no need for hemming.

When it was time to hang I attached the metal rings to the top of the panels by folding the burlap and pinning with drapery hooks.

It really was a quick project!


note: I do not usually attemp project like this for my Clients.  However, I can walk you through to process simular to this demostration.  In my buisness I use only licenced contractors and sub-contractor hired by you or me to complete the task at hand.  I am not the Contract but your source of knowlegde and guidance for your Home or Commercial Projects.

The Photo to the leftt shows the Burlap in the process of being

spray painted.  I used shop towels for protect againist overspray.


Burlap Fabric - color of your choice.

Spray Paint - color of your choice but a contract to the color of burlap.

Stencil - design of your choice.

Tape Measure.


Drapery Pins.

The Photo to the left is the finished product, hung with puddling

and all.

TIP: to get a finished look and the pleating to hold  fold fabric as

desired and tie together with ribbon overnight.  This should give t

he fabric "memory" for that custom finish.

Below is a Photo of the Nevada County Business Builders Chapter of BNI at the

Grass Valley Chamber Ribbon Cutting Cermony in June 2011.  BNI (Business Network International

Meets every Thursday at Goomba's Resturant in Grass Valley on Colfax Hwy. 12noon-1:30 

Below is a photo of the Winners of the May's Mother's Promotion.  The Grand Price Drawing was won by

Seth McCoy who bought the Mother's Day Package for his wife.  He won a Tea for 4 Catered by

Emily's Catering, Hosted with Flowers at Grass Valley Florist, gifts by Wolf Mountain Day Spa and

Stacey Lamothe Art.  Congratulations and thanks to all who particated!